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The Companies Phone Number and E-mail Adress are Released , Suppliers can Receive
it From Afghantenders

The Afghan Tenders program has been established with the advocation of Fight Against Economic Crsis Organization (FAECO) to develop and evaluate the Afghan economy works

The economic development of these activities, consultancy firms, NGOs and the Department of Economic

The Afghan Tenders program national and international conventions to Afghanistan to deposit publications and local companies to encourage growth and economic development in Afghanistan

Afghan Tenders Office assessing private enterprises has created a direct survey in Afghanistan The purpose of this section is how to contract the enterprise and its projects are implemented or not.

if you wish to implement your projects and consultancy for enterprises sector Afghan Thunder office will be revived itself without foreign aid appears to be a direct taxpayer Today the majority of these companies are waiting to contracts of foreign companies, with the assistance of their own businesses can work together in building projects have

In these cases we look forward to supporting a group that truly wants to help our country , the activities parts are:

    Agriculture and Livestock
    Industrial Production
    Technical and Vocational Education
    A sewing factory, shoe lace, etc
    Private corporations
    Modern Business Management

Afghan Tenders has done extensive work in the offices, the Afghaninstan economy has turned into their office and do not expect foreign aid

All who want to manage the process or procedure of international financial and moral support and encouragement can directly contact the president of the office